Thursday, April 21, 2011

Enter Team SillyBuggers Chop Shop

Member #1:

Nick Quarta AKA “Beast”

"Mechanical Engineering Masters Student...of life"

Most Probably: Going to get invited to play Croquet with the Zambian Prime Minister

Claim to Fame: Winner of MTN amazing race 2007 and 2008
Runner-up of Redbull Downhill Boxcart Race 2010 (in Soweto nogal)

Member #2:

Jared Elvin AKA “Jazza” AKA “The Mac”

"Professional Beer Taster"

Most Probably going to fashion out a bow and arrow / apply many bandages

Claim to Fame: I like to Bop* [*Dance]

Member #3

Matt "Fish" Murgatroyd

"Pro Swindler and Poker Hustler"

Most Probably going to adopt a Malawian child

Claim to Fame: Like the Hoff he too wears Red Speedos

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Africa Gives To You, You Give To Africa

Not only is it about having the time of our lives, but lets not forget we all have a role to play in putting something back into Africa. The rally has chosen “Bobs for Good Foundation” – founded by Bobby Skinstad, to help supply kids along the route with brand new school shoes. The Bobs for Good mission: “To put school shoes on 7 million school children that go to school barefoot everyday”, and who better than to have Bobby on the trip with us!

We are looking for anyone any company who is keen to support the foundation through us and give these kids something as basic as school shoes.

Bring On The Thunder, Lets Make It Rain!

Some say that the brutality of her name frightens the Malawian village kids on the hills of Chiwa Manawara ("death from the heal of a toad"), others say she runs on pure Tipo Tinto. All you know is that we will be bringing the THUNDER!

Our stealthy Datsun 120Y has taken some shape at last. Currently she is having a body lift and wardrobe change thanks to the work of Greenstone Autobody. Just like Vodacom's splash of red, we will soon unveil the Thunder's new look...

If Livingstone Horsed It, I'm Sure We Can Put Foot It!

Credentials? What are the Chaps doing?

Well collectively we have ridden 94.7km in nurse outfits, rowed a landcruiser down the Ruvuma River, bribed a Mozam pig with a pineapple, pushed a box cart to victory in Soweto, and walked to Zimbabwe (...albeit across the bridge from Livinstone).

Our epic journey will start from JHB where we will head towards the Namibian border and meet with our Cape Town counterpart Put Footers, from there its a dash to our first checkpoint:

Checkpoint 1: Etosha NP, Namibia Checkpoint 2: Okavango, Botswana Checkpoint 3: Livingtone, Zambia Checkpoint 4: Nkpola, Malawi Checkpoint 5: Inhambane, Mozam Checkpoint 6: Mlilwane, Swaziland Checkpoint 7: JHB/CT